Thursday, January 1, 2009

APS Staff Profile -- Warren Richter

James has been on a kick to profile our staff, to help our customers put a face with the email address or guy/gal on the other side of the phone.

We took a look around during a staff meeting and decided that we should start off with the newest guy in Customer Service, Warren Richter. We always pick on the new guys first...

Warren is probably the most loveable of the guys in Customer Service -- he's like a big teddy bear. When we had the opportunity to add Warren to our team, we jumped at it and we haven't been sorry. So, without further gushing (we'd hate to make him blush), here's our interview with Warren.

Stern Scoop (SS): Hey Warren, thanks for being volunteered.

Warren Richter (WR): No problem... I think.

SS: How long have you been with APS?

WR: I have been at APS since February, 2008.

SS: Hardly seems like its been that long. Tell the folks what you do here.

WR: I work in Customer Service. I answer the phone, take orders and usually just try to make sure people laugh.

SS: At you, or with you? Doesn't matter. What kind of boats do you sail when you're not at work?

WR: J/22, Soverel 33, Antrim 27... I'm not choosy, I'll sail on anything that floats.

SS: And how long have you been sailing?

WR: I have been sailing basically since I was born. I've been sailing on my own dinghies and the like since I was 8.

SS: Same here... I think I was 10 when I started sailing on my own. You know, I've always been slow. What was your favorite sailing experience of the past year? Throw in the worst one too, if you've got one.

WR: My favorite sailing experience this past year was sailing J/22 Worlds in Rochester. It was a great event, well run, good food, good parties.

Specifically though, going out on the Monday before the event when it was blowing 30kts with 4ft - 5ft rollers, wiping out on a plane was pretty crazy.

Worst sailing experience this past year was breaking the mast on the family Soverel 33 in a squall of about 40kts (Editor's Note: guess it's hard to know for sure when the aerials are pointing at the deck), but we have a new mast now and will be at it again next year.

SS: Bummer on the downed mast. But now that you have a new one, no excuses to lose, right??? Changing gears a little, what's your favorite peice of gear?

WR: My 2 favorite pieces of gear are my Henri Lloyd Shadow Salopettes and Prowik shirts. The Henri Lloyd Salopettes are perfect at keeping you dry, and are cover every weather condition from frostbites to wet summer sailing. Prowik shirts are exceptional at wicking moisture away from skin and keeping you dry no matter the tempreture outside.

SS: That's right Henri Lloyd and Prowik -- Warren likes your stuff. Feel free to send him free stuff for pimping your brand. You know where we are...

So Warren, what's you're favorite part of working here at APS? You know, other than getting to work with me?

WR: My favorite part about working here at APS is helping customers figure out their needs for themselves or their boat, and helping to achieve them. I know it sounds corny, but it is the truth. I love playing with and fixing boats.

SS: Thanks for using the word "boats" and not "dinghy's" -- don't need that lawsuit. Give me a favorite beer of yours, in case a customer needs to bribe you in the future to get something done.

WR: Cold and/or Free.

SS: You're a complicated man... what's your favorite place to sail and what is the best regatta you've ever been to?

WR: Favorite place to sail would have to be Palma, Spain.

Best regatta I have been to is closely tied to the above, but it was the World University Match Racing Games, held in Palma, Spain. It got press covereage from the media there, and was a pretty big deal. The mayor of the island came out for the opening and closing ceremonies, and they treated us like royalty the whole week, no matter what we did...

SS: You'll always be royalty in our eyes -- our little Prince(ss). We're done with you at this point; any shout outs, yo?

WR: I would like to throw a shout out to my J22 and Antrim 27 teams, as they put up with all my antics, and to have the family Soverel 33 back on the water for the ’09 season.

SS: Thanks Warren.

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