Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jet 14 Frostbiting

One of the boats that I race is a Jet 14. "What the hell is that?" most people wonder at this point. I usually describe it as either little Thistle or a Snipe with a spinnaker. Basically a two person dinghy with a kite - not a very large class but it's a fun group. I usually sail with my father and since it was his recently his birthday I figured I'd give him a shout out here on The Stern Scoop. So here's my dad with my Jet at the dock of Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis.

The Jets frostbite every other Saturday during the winter along with the local Interclub fleet. Last weekend we raced in a light 3-8 kt southerly. The air temp was in the mid 30s which made for a very nice day of racing. We had 8 boats out which made for some exciting starts on the short line. In this one your author on 1140 clearly dominated all the way.

Photo courtesy of Ted Reshetiloff

Editors note: I am forced to admit that there is some possibility that this picture was taken prior to the gun and I am in fact not dominating anything other than a solid OCS in this particular race.

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