Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Stern Scoop is on Hiatus

From the Editors
Rob, James and Chris

Seeing as APS will be closed until January 2nd of a brand spankin' new 2009, we're going to take a couple of days off from the blog ourselves to spend a little time with our families and, honestly, slack off on a couch and relax.

We'll be back on the 29th with a limited edition of the Scoop (we've got a couple of things queued up for some fancy, hi-tech auto posting) and we'll roll back into full posts with new video come the new year. Speaking of video, we've drastically improved our resources on that end, so we should start cranking out some pretty good stuff soon. You know, once we break down and actually read the instructions on how to use all this stuff.

But before we take off for a much needed break, we do want to pass along a message from the entire gang here at APS.

As the year ends, we can't help getting sentimental and looking back on 2008. We didn't want to the year to end without letting every one of you who have shopped with us via the internet, over the phone or in our shop know that we really do appreciate your business. And for those of you who don't shop with us -- what the *!@# are you waiting for??? Just kidding... but seriously, buy something.

Okay, getting back to the point -- we're well aware that there are other companies out there doing the same song and dance. We try to do it better than them every day, because this isn't just a job to most of us; as corny as it sounds, this is a labor of love.

We're here because we like working with fellow sailors, solving their problems and fulfilling their boat's/crew's needs -- this is the lifestyle that we've chosen for ourselves, and we're aware that it's because of your continued patronage of our company that we get to do this every day.

So, simply put: thank you.

We look forward to working with everyone in 2009, helping you get to the podium or just to go out on a Wednesday night and have some fun with friends.

Happy Holidays and Sincere Wishes for a Safe, Prosperous 2009 from the Whole Gang at APS!

Kyle, Jaja, Rob, Harriet, James, Chris, Mike C., Warren, Riess, John M., Aaron, Steve, John L., Jarrett, Arianne, Lynn, Annie, Joanie, Rob M., Mike L., Zack, Mike K., Ian, Tucker (the Dog) and Macie (also, the Dog).

We're a touching group, aren't we? Wait, that doesn't sound right...

Umm, cheers!

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