Tuesday, January 13, 2009

APS Rigging Department

Since we're having our Annual January Rigging Sale I thought this would be a great time to show everyone a little behind the scenes look at our rigging department here at APS. All the custom rigging we produce from the split-bridle mainsheets to stripped halyards to life lines is made right in our shop. Our two dedicated riggers - John Lund our rigging manager and Jarrett Hering our assistant rigger - make everything we send out.

John & Jarrett hard at work in the rigging department:

Our rigging shop has measuring tapes laid out on the work benches so the riggers can custom build jobs accurately every time (more on the importance of proper measuring next week). They take pride in their work and in producing some of the best custom rigging out there. John is always developing new and innovative solutions for customers whether it be an extreme taper to 1/16" Spectra for a 2.4mR or a M24 lifeline package ready to attach to your boat with no splicing required.

Since this is the unofficial "Rigging Month" here at APS we plan to have a number of posts over the next few weeks about the different lines and rigging options we offer. Look for a video tomorrow staring yours truly with an introduction to our rope wall.

If there are any particular questions anyone wants us to address about lines and rigging leave us a comment and we'll try to work it into a post.

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