Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Look: FSE Robline's Dinghy Control Line

FSE Robline is a manufacturer out Austria of whose lines have been becoming more commonplace on US boats in the past few years. They offer a wide range of lines from dinghy sheets to high tech PBO halyards. For 2009 APS will be adding their Dinghy Control line to our offering.

Dinghy Control line is made from a SK75 Dyneema core with a polyester cover. The cover is a hard wearing 32 carrier braid that I think feels like some of the most durable cover I've ever held. It accomplishes this durability without becoming stiff - even with the tightly woven cover the line remains quite flexible.

The Dyneema core is color coated - enabling the cover to be stripped back for reduced weight and water absorption. Dinghy Control is available in red, blue, green & yellow - all with the same white/color checker pattern shown in the blue line pictured above.

I think this line will make an excellent control line for boats up to 30 ft or so. I know, you could have figured that just from its name. So FSE Robline isn't exactly into fancy names - that's a good thing I say. The cover is super durable and easy to grip. The ability to strip the cover and have a coated core offers extra advantages to the go fast guys who need to trim weight whenever possible.

Look for this line to be available from APS starting this spring and to be used in some of our custom one design rigging. We'll be offering it in both 5mm and 6mm.


  1. How many strands is the core of this line? I find that with a lot of these "stripped" lines the core is very loose and the buried cover tends to poke out more and more with use. I usually prefer to use Amsteel in combination with the cover off of Sta-set in place of these lines. More work, yet a better end result.

  2. Dinghy Control line has a 12-strand core. Out of the double braid Dyneema lines we carry I think the New England Endura Braid offers the best results in terms of how durable the core is. The core on the Yale Maxibraid does not hold up nearly as well. I'd put this Dinghy Control line somewhere in between the two.

    I think you're exactly right - using an Amsteel core will hold up better because it has a tighter weave than other 12-strand Dyneemas. It is more work though, and if not properly installed you can have cover slip issues so it is a trade-off. Another solution we've used in the past was to machine sew the bury- we stopped doing it because it tended to flatten the line out then it wouldn't run through blocks as well.

  3. I can't seem to fine this line on your website. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Sorry for the confusion Kevin. We won't have the Dinghy Control line in stock here at the shop for another month or two. It should be up on the website in the coming weeks as we get the site updated with our new products for the year.