Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video Blog: The APS Line Selection

Hey, hey! We're back with a new video blog entry that absolutely nobody asked for!

Yeah, just kidding. Our last video about the Velocitek Speedpuck actually got picked up by the manufacturer and Santa (read: the boss's MasterCard) upgraded our camera, got us some new lights, and picked up an editing program that I have almost no idea how to use. In the future, we can and will be posting these in crystal clear HD... just as soon as I figure out how to do that while keeping the file size down.

So, with our shiny new toys in hand, James steps in front of the camera again to show you our in-house selection of line and cordage. Along with James' post yesterday, we're kicking off a number of posts regarding cordage and rigging, to coincide with our January Rigging Sale. And... I was tired of writing about weather.

This is also a great opportunity for us to shed light on choosing the right rigging and cordage, which is actually harder than it sounds. I've worked here for almost four years, and every time we go over rigging in one of our staff meetings, I learn something new. We're hoping to pass some of that information along...

So, here we go -- take it away, James:

So now that you've gotten a crash course in our cordage options, we're going to start diving into particular types of lines, lesser known information, etc. Stay tuned...

Oh, and tomorrow we're going to have another video blog post with our Storefront Assistant, Ian, running through the details of our most unique line of cordage, Paraloc.

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