Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video Blog: Laser Lines

Lasers are probably the largest one design class in the world sailed by adults (Optis are actually the largest). Laser fleets sail all year in most areas of the country - many with turnouts upwards of 30+ boats. And that's during the winter when in some of these places you have to break ice to get your boat in the water.

The Laser is pretty straightforward boat which keeps maintenance to a minimum. Upgrading all the lines on the boat is cheaper than replacing one halyard on most big boats. It's worth the small investment to make your lines easier to handle so you can focus on hiking harder. Here I am demonstrating some of the options available for lines on the Laser:

Rooster (Polilite) - 7mm, Polyester Cover with a Polypropylene Core
New England Buzz Line - 7mm, Polyester & Polypropylene Blend
Paraloc Marlin - 8mm, Polyester Cover with Dyneema Core - very kink resistant

Yale Crystaline - 3/16", Polyester Cover with Vectran Core
Paraloc Shark - 5/32", Technora Cover with Vectran Core - super durable

Control Lines:
Maffioli Swiftcord - 5/32" or 3/16", Cordura Dyneema Blend

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