Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Decoration Tech: Embroidery

One of the new developments we've had at the shop is the expansion of our ability to decorate gear. This means we can use embroidery, dye sublimation, heat applied vinyl and silk screening to put your sail number, boat name or a picture of your dog on your gear. Depending on what kind of gear you need decorated and what you want to put on it, each of these different types of decoration has particular uses.

What's the difference between them? What does heat applied vinyl look like? How do I get my gear decorated?

Kyle (the head honcho here at APS) has put together some videos about each type of decoration to help answer those questions. In what I'm going to informally dub our Decoration Tech Tuesday - for the next couple weeks Kyle will be gracing the Stern Scoop with his video blog knowledge to teach everyone a little more about how all this works.

Embroidery is the topic of our first installment - so here's Kyle to talk about it:

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