Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hands On: Gill OS2 Jacket & Trousers

Gill's Key West gear has undergone some changes going into 2009. The first is a name change - it's now being called OS2 gear. This is apparently the result of some legal action the complete details of which I'm not privy to. I guess somebody didn't like them calling it Key West gear - at any rate Gill's most popular line of gear is still basically the same as it's ever been.

Our sales rep was kind enough to drop off a set of the new OS2 gear for me to look at last week. It's available in red, yellow, silver and graphite for men and graphite and red for women. The matching pants are available graphite for both men and women.

The bottom line really is that if you saw what the Key West gear looked like last year - then you have a pretty good idea what this OS2 gear looks like. There are some styling changes and the colors are a little different but there aren't any real major changes.

The jacket (shown above) has some nice little accent colors and some stylishly shaped reflectors. The gray accents are made of some sort of coating that feels a little gritty - I don't know what it is but it's an odd feel for a jacket.

The pants are pretty straight forward. They have a Velcro loop for attaching a multi-tool and the stretchy type of hook/loop suspenders. The woman's version comes in a drop-seat style as it has for a while now.

The OS2 gear remains made of Gill's solid 3-Dot fabric. It has a nice high collar and a fluro hood. It's good, reasonably priced gear. I wouldn't go offshore with it, but for your basic inshore day racing and a few overnight races each season it's all you really need.

Editor's Note: I should clarify my position on the use of this gear. I wouldn't cross the Atlantic in it but it's certainly fine Bermuda races or that couple years of cruising the Caribbean that we're all "going to do some day." Good enough for some offshore, but not weeks of heavy conditions.

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