Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Decoration Tech Tuesday: Heat Transfer

With James out of the office, I get to do the write up for Decoration Tech Tuesday this week. And after he took a good natured shot at me last week, I'm happy to fill in...

This week, we're taking a look at Heat Transfer technology. Like Kyle says below, this shouldn't be confused with the cheap t-shirts that you can get in the mall -- you know, like the ones James had made up for his roller disco team, the Funkadelic Care Bear Rollers... he doesn't like to talk about it though, ever since that fateful night when he got a little loose going into a high speed Hustle during the local Roller Disco and Grammar Jamboree. He ended up in the wall of the rink, taking out a group of nine-year olds there for a birthday party... it wasn't pretty.

That disturbing memory aside, heat transfer is a durable, crisp and inexpensive way to get some really slick team gear made up. Have a look at the options for heat transfer with APS' Prez, Kyle:

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