Tuesday, April 28, 2009

McLube One Drop - It Works Wonders!

New from McLube is the McLube OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner. I know what you're thinking, why on earth would I want conditioner for my traveler car? This isn't like the Herbal Essence you have in your shower at home though - McLube designed this to specifically lubricate and clean the ball bearings in your traveler cars or battcars.

I'm sure most everyone already knows about McLube's main product in the sailing market - their SailKote that I think we all just know as McLube. It's great stuff and definitely helps the outhaul on my Laser slide better, mainsails slide up mast tracks more smoothly and all sorts of other useful things. What you might not know is that it's not very good for your traveler cars or blocks.

SailKote will eventually eat away at the plastic in blocks, causing them to perform worse over time rather than better, even if their short term performance improves. Particuarly in regards to traveler cars - if you spray them with SailKote you can actually make the too smooth. Basically SailKote will reduce the friction so much that the ball bearings in the car won't spin and over time that causes flat spots on the balls where they've been hitting the track. Once that happens no amount of SailKote is going to make the car run smoothly.

This is where OneDrop comes in - use it on your traveler cars and battcars instead of SailKote and you will prolong the life of your hardware and help your cars run more smoothly.

How do you use it? You'll want to clean off the car and the bearings first. On the package it's suggest you could just squirt soapy water into the car and run it back and forth on the track but it's really going to be better to remove the car from the track and even to remove the ball bearings and clean them separately. At least at the start of the season it's a great idea to take it all apart, inspect the bearings and replace any that aren't up to par (have any flat spots or show excessive wear).

After cleaning the car you can reassemble it and apply a drop of the OneDrop, slide the car back and forth to coat all the bearings and than remove any excess. Depending on the size and condition of your car you may in fact need more than one drop, but I figure they just thought the name was catchy.

Check out McLube's OneDrop when you're getting your boat back up to shape this season and want to make sure it stays that way all summer long.

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  1. Mclube will fix any stuck or non freely rolling block.