Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mac Designs - Invasion of the Giant Sticker People

So maybe the new deck labels and polar charts from Mac Designs are not quite as exciting as the title might imply, but they're pretty cool. Mac Designs is a graphics design company based in Newport that does all sorts of designs for some big time race programs including Numbers and Moneypenny.

You've probably seen the Accutak that's been around for a while. Mac Designs has now come out with a few more stickers for your boat to help you go fast.

One of the new stickers is the Deck Control Grand Prix pack that's so big it has Chris running scared. Seriously though this package of stickers is 4 ft 3 inches long and some of the individual stickers on it are pretty sizable. There'll be no excuses for tightening the rig the wrong direction with these labels next to your turnbuckles.

The link above explains what's in the package but basically these are super durable super sticky labels to put on your race boat. Anything smaller than a 35 footer is going to look a little silly since these are pretty big but I think they'd be super useful on larger boats. They'll stick to your non-skid or wherever you need labels on your boat.

There's also a some more regular sized labels as well for labeling rope clutches on all types of boats in a different package. That has lift point and turnbuckle labels as well and is a great choice for some basic labeling on a standard boat.

The other new products from Mac Designs are polars for a number of one design boats. These useful charts are great to put on the back of a bulkhead or maybe on the inside of the cockpit to keep them in view while racing. They're available for the Farr 30 & 40, Melges 32, Swan 42 and J/105.

Overall these new labels and stickers are pretty useful. The Grand Prix pack is fairly pricey but I think they look a lot more durable than most labels out there so they should stick around a lot longer.

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