Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New and Improved: Gill Regatta Master Watch II

Finally, a new sailing watch for the competitive sailor! Gill has improved their Regatta Master Watch with a second edition, the Regatta Master Watch II. It’s now lighter with more features for the racing sailor. Waterproof up to 50 meters, this watch can withstand the elements. It has many different techincal sailing features, all in a user friendly package. We think it's one the most easy to use technical watches.

Take quick sightings from anywhere on the boat with a easy to read digital compass. With a calendar and two alarms, you can set alarms for a time of day and a specific day of the week. Never miss a watch again! In case you're a jet setter, there's an international dual-time function. Two different world times can be displayed at the same time.

If buoy racing is more your scene, it has a smart countdown timer that sounds on each minute and has a sync function if you miss the gun. The sync function is even improved, with the ability to sync up in case your a little fast or to the next minute. Best part is, during the last minute of the countdown the entire watch face turns into a countdown, making it much easier to read. The Luminescent backlight makes reading the display easy at night. It also has a power save feature to help preserve battery life.

For the full tour of the new Gill Regatta Master Watch II features, check out our video below.

Gill Regatta Master Watch 2

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  1. Some good features, but considering the large size of the battery I would expect it to last much longer.