Friday, December 17, 2010

APS Staff Review: Aigle Maramu Boots

Aigle Maramu Lace-up Boots are one of the most popular and higher quality boots for dinghy sailing. According to Store Front Assistant Jenny Gervais, Aigle's are her number one choice when it comes to sailing footwear... 

 I love Aigles! There, I said it! I got my first pair of Aigles when I was in High School. They were a pair of hand-me-downs and the same pair that my mom got when she started college sailing. So, it goes with out saying that these boots are super durable! In college I bought my first NEW pair of Aigles and use them today, these boots just don't wear out! 

They have amazing grip on the bottom. I wear them Laser Radial sailing, 420, FJ and J22 sailing. Another of their great features is the stiffness of the boot around the ankle. It provides more support than plain neoprene boots. Also, I prefer the lace up version because I find the zippered boots unzip on their own and can be uncomfortable. However, I love the Aigle boots enough to suggest trying their zip style over any other zip boots!

Thanks for the review Jenny!


  1. Mine are going on year 12. It is getting near the end for them, but they have served so well... I replace the laces with bungee chord for easier on/off. A truly great product.

  2. Thanks for the tip Eric! We're glad you like the Maramu boots as much as Jenny!