Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extreme Holmatro Winch Handle- Palm

Holmatro's Extreme Winch Handle "Palm" is the lightest one-touch model on the market weighing in at about 1.5lbs and measuring 10" long x 1" wide. Forged out of durable saltwater-resistant aluminum and featuring a hard plastic outer for a handgrip, Holmatro's Extreme Winch Handle is designed with enhanced corrosion resistance in mind. The weight, one-touch design, and ergonomic lines are perfect for handling and control.

A single 'tooth' acts as an easy locking/unlocking mechanism that automaticly secures the handle to the winch socket when placing. Holmatro's improved grab-bar running along the inner half-length of its top surface allows a sailor to quickly disengage the patent pending locking mechanism by doing just that - grabbing the bar. This action actuates the mechanism to unlock the handle in a natural way. No thinking, just grabbing. The handle comes equipt with derlin ball bearings to help the palm grip the winch for more efficient turns.

The best feature of the Extreme Winch Handle is its one-hand release. The one-hand release is designed for when you're in the position of removing the winch handle, all you really have to do is press down with the palm of your hand as you grab it, and Wallah! - the winch handle is off in less than a second. No twisting or flicking any knobs, just a simple press of the palm. It's perfect for unexpected tacks and ideal for smaller boats with limited space.

In comparison to other winch handles, Holmotro's Extreme-Palm handle is more of a high performance racing winch handle for high loads on smaller vessels. Lewmar makes 2 similar One Touch winches that use a plunger pin and ball mechanism that automatically retract the locking mechanism when the handle is squeezed. The Dax OneTouch has a wider release button and is designed to meet the needs of a cruising sailor on boats where sail loads are not usually very high. All winches use the same one-touch design and feature ball bearing rotation in the grip. It's typically better to use a two-handed handle when dealing with larger sails and bigger loads. Although, this does depend on the size and design of the winch handle.

To see the Holmatro Extreme-Palm in action take a look at the short video below...

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  1. The best feature of the Extreme Winch Handle is its one-hand release.