Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anti-Chafe Stainless Steel Pads to the Rescue!

If you check out the reviews online, you’ll see how many boaters out there love Yew Enterprises Ltd.’s “WearAndTear” Anti-Chafe Pads. APS is excited to add these techy-looking new things to our product offering.

It’s true there are various marine tapes out there designed to solve the same problem. However, with a special fade-into-fantasy effect, imagine the like concept made of a Marine grade 301 stainless steel that’s a miniscule 0.002″ (0.05mm) thick. This is the kind of product that proves its merit over time. Note - you'll have to pay a little more for these than you would the tape, but the nicer look makes it worth it.

Not only do the WearAndTear pads protect chafe- vulnerable areas on your gelcoat or varnished areas, they also work to cover up damage.

Measuring 2” wide and 6” long for Type A - 9” (225mm) long for Type B – these extremely thin pads provide a long lasting solution to that unsightly damage caused by chafe and ropeburn.
A special double-sided tape adheres the pads to flat or curved gelcoat/varnished surfaces. The WearAndTear stainless steel pads are flexible to a point, but are unable to stretch to accommodate complex shapes. This means your best bet is to use them on straight sections of cabin houses and cockpit sides. You can also pre-form these pads before removing backing tape for applications involving radii of less than 1”.

Don’t worry, the adhesive WearAndTear pads don’t come off as a result of warm weather or direct sunlight. You’d need a hairdryer for that…


  1. RE: Anti Chaffe Steel Pads.

    Love this idea and/or product, but would be more inclined to purchase if it came in longer sections that just nine inches. I'd like to protect the underside of a boom on a large asym where the spinny sheets and shackle's rub - and also on the fore side of the mast at the base where the jib clue rig beats the mast during tacks in big pressure. The damage occurs over a much greater space, and putting two or more together wouldn't be right, or look right. Am also concerned they won't bend around a soft 90 corner - which would be ironic as in my experience chaffing rarely occurs on flat surfaces.

    If this product isn't available in longer and/or wider sizes, is there something else you'd recommend? I'm getting the boom powder coated as we speak and would like to protect it - and the mast asap.

    Much appreciated and thanks again as I'd look forward to your response and suggestions.

    T. Allard
    Walnut Creek, CA

  2. The manufacturer has longer lengths available. We can get custom length 2 inch wide strips up to a meter long.

    The wear and tear strips are designed to bend around a soft 90 degree corner like the back of many cabin tops. I have one attached over a soft 90 degree bend on a computer next to my desk (it was the closest soft 90 degree bend handy) and it has worked just fine.

    As far as alternative options. For the mast, many boats have a custom padded sleeve fabricated to protect the mast, particularly those with carbon rigs. For the boom, you can have a similar sleeve made by a sailmaker if you have a loose footed boom. Both of these would obviously have some expense since they are custom.

    An alternative option would be to use UHMW tape found here. If you are sailing in a windy area some of the other options we have like Teflon tape would likely not be durable enough. Warren here in customer service has used the UHMW on his J22 boom and found it works very well. The tape might not have the clean and classic look of the stainless pad but it should hold up well.

    Thanks for your interest and please let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Yes we do! We apologize for the lack of links. Wear and tear pads can be found here