Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike to Work Day 2011

No parked cars? Don’tlet the empty street fool you! Your favorite APS faces are still here working hard on this gorgeous Friday. We just took a different mode oftransportation today for the Annapolis Bike to Work Day.

Conditions were perfect! With sunny skies and temperatures in the low60s, a record number of pre-registered bikers came out to support the cause.

Today marks the 14th annual event to supportbiking in central Maryland. On the 3rdFriday in May, bikers from all of Anne Arundel County descend upon City Dock indowntown Annapolis to show their support.

Even local politicians get involved. Mayor Josh Cohen was in attendance, complete with a speech about his commitment to making Annapolis a more bike friendly community and we’re all for it!

One of our County Councilman, ChrisTrumbauer, was decked out in his business suit to make sure he got to work intime properly dressed.

It’s not allabout speeches either; the rally also raffled off of a new bike and a fewsmaller prizes. None of us were winnersthis year so we’ll just have to try again next year...

APS had a strong presence. Aaron, Jarrett, Mike, Zach, Matt, and myself(Katie) made our way to City Dock. We’lleven give James credit, too. He showed up conveniently after the speeches weredone…but just in time to grab a muffin.

After the rally was done, we joined with others heading back over thebridge to Eastport and made our way to work.

I also need to give Matt, the newest member of the APS team,credit for his impressive long distance bike ride. Matt did the 10 miles to work, which may notseem like a lot to some - but when compared to my… not even 1 mile commute…that’s a lot! Welldone, Matt!

Happy Bike to Work Friday Everyone!

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