Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grand Prix Are We?

This Farr 42 got super technical with line this week, and our riggers were stoked to take on the project. Let’s start with the spin halyard. Green Maffioli DSK-75 Race PC was stripped (the gray core is exposed), bulked with Samson’s AmSteel Blue at the clutch, and chafe-protected with New England DCS at the shackle.

You should know by now: Stripping makes everything lighter, bulking makes line easier to cleat, and chafe-protection...well, we think you get that last one...

It's not just the spinnaker halyard that's going to turn heads. Check out this fine jib halyard:

Talk about reducing rigging weight. Everyone should know by now that Yale’s Crystalyne line is a workhorse of a line. It does the job right. Also, it’s relatively lightweight. I say ‘relatively’ because it’s not necessarily the standard measure of lightweight line. This Farr 42 Jib Halyard has been constructed with a Maffioli Vectran core with a DSK-75 Race PC cover. Measuring 130’ with a Tylaska Shackle, it weighed in at 6.8 lbs. A Crystalyne line of roughly the same footage with the shackle added on weighed in a little over 7 lbs.

The Vectran core is solid stuff. It tends to be stiffer than Crystalyne - therefore, it's going to run smoother thanks to the actual line construction/angle of its braid. There's also less creep, and it's coated better.

Don't get us wrong - again, we have to let the public know: Crystalyne is THE workhorse of line. However, to answer the title question: This Farr 42 IS Grand Prix.

Wonder why we're not linking to the Maffioli Vectran core? You'll have to give us a holler for custom orders: 800-729-9767.

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