Monday, May 16, 2011

Hands On: Schaefer Carbon Winch Handle

We got our first look at Schaefer's new Carbon Winch Handle yesterday when their Sales & Marketing Director Steve Majkut stopped by our shop in Annapolis. This is the only carbon handle available on the market at this point since Lewmar has discontinued theirs. It's currently only available in an 8 inch locking version, but it sounds like a non-locking 8 inch may follow. No eta on a 10 inch handle but Steve said it's definitely something they're looking into.

The handle is made from compressed carbon so it doesn't have the look of a standard carbon fiber layup but it's super light and very strong. Steve told us they tested it extensively and really made sure it would stand up to heavy use and hard trimming. Even the beefiest grinders aren't going to be breaking this winch handle no matter how hard they try.

Read on for the Schaefer Press Release for the new Handle:

Schaefer is taking our well executed Winch Handle program to a new level. We have now ready for delivery our first Carbon Fiber 8” Winch Handles.

The handles are manufactured from compressed Carbon Fiber. The ultimate strength achieved from the handle is exceptional and the weight is stunning. We show a finished weight of .508 lbs or 8.13 ounces. The ball bearing single grip ensures a secure and smooth grip.

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