Friday, May 27, 2011

Just In: Laser Harken Mainsheet Blocks to be Sold Individually

We just received word today from Laser Performance that the Harken Laser boom and traveler blocks will finally be available individually in addition to the all-in-one kit as before. This means those of you who have been holding off on upgrading your boom because you didn't want to spring for the cost of the full kit or didn't have the time to drill out the rivets can now buy these blocks à la carte.

To me, the big benefit here is the ability to swap out your old traveler block that's all wrapped up in duct tape or or shrink wrap and make the jump to the sweet Harken traveler block. Not only will the ball bearing upper sheave help your mainsheet ease faster, but you won't have to deal with the tape or worry about the block coming undone. I think the block can also help by standing up a just a little bit straighter instead of folding off to leeward as the old block might.

We're told these blocks won't ship to us until the middle of June at the earliest (end of June for the aft boom block) but we've put in an order today. Think about getting ahead of the game, and pre-order your Harken Laser mainsheet blocks , too!

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