Wednesday, August 3, 2011

APS One Design Pre-Spec'd Rigging

APS outfits a range of One Design boats from keelboats like the Melges 24 and Sonar to dinghies like the Optimist and Thistle. Every class has rules about rigging - and the APS Rigging Department has put together class legal packages for sheets, control lines, and halyards.

What does this mean for you? No measurements! Pre-Spec'd means pre-specified - you just pick your favorite line. Check out what our riggers did for a J/24 last week:

Performance Sailing APS Rigging J24 Topping Lift Samson MLXAnnapolis
This topping lift has been constructed using Samson MLX. This is a good Dyneema SK-75/Polypro blended line that along with low stretch boasts a great feel in the hand. Also, the coated core in this line allows for your to strip the cover to save on weight - though, that doesn't effect this application. A Wichard Standard Snap/Safety Hook comes attached to the end as part of the package. To be clear...the hook is included as part of the pre-spec'd rigging.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Rigging J24 Foreguy Samson MLX
The foreguy shown above has been made from the same Samson MLX and also has a Wichard Standard Snap/Safety Hook attached to the end.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Rigging J24 Vang Yale Maxibraid Samson Amsteel Blue

This J/24 8:1 Vang Line has been made with a Yale Maxibraid Plus vang with 4:1 Purchase and a Samson AmSteel Blue vang 2:1 Cascade. Our riggers were hesitant to let me put this up because it's not so exciting, however, I'm just trying to let everyone know what they're hard at work doing on a daily basis - and really, this is the preferred method for constructing a vang for a J/24.

Not re-fitting the rigging on a J/24? Check out other APS Pre-Spec'd One Design packages here.

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