Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Blog: Josh O. Makes a Good Call

It's always good to get feedback from customers on the products we sell at APS. Below, you'll read one of the best narrative reviews we've received all year. Complete with video...

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Gill Marine Tool Folding Knife

Subject: Thank You, You guys saved my crew tonight..

Dear APS,

Thanks for the fast shipping on order xxx542. I ordered two nights ago and got a package this afternoon - a few hours before an eventful race. In the package was a Gill Marine Tool Folding Knife, which really saved our @$$. We were racing J/24s in New York Harbor and were hit by a solid squall (gusts to 58mph from a J/105's instruments that was near the windward shore so I'm guessing we got a bit more than that). With a solid knot in the spin halyard, we were unable to douse. We were getting tossed around and were about to blow out the kite. Luckily, I had knife to cut the spin halyard, it probably saved the boat. (One J/24 in our fleet was demasted, another sank. Luckily, everyone in the fleet is okay!)

The knife is great and made short work of the halyard. Thanks for a great product. It is actually our new lucky knife, I thought we lost it overboard during the squall, but we found it under the genny at the dock! I imagine the rest of the crew will be ordering one in the coming week.

Oh, and we had a GoPro mounted on the pushpit, so I'll forward you guys a link when we get that video on the web...

Thanks again,
Josh O.


Pretty good review, hey? Here's the video and some commentary Josh sent us a few days later after checking with his crew to make sure they were cool with us posting:

We gybed earlier in the video which put the fouled spinnaker in a bad spot. Unfortunately, we didn't have much room to gybe back and blanket the spin with the main. Our pit guy was hanging on for dear life at some points.

I was messing around on the bow with the marlin spike trying to get the knot out, but at the 2:30 mark someone saw a boat way below us in bad shape, and we made the decision to cut the line. It was an easy cut, and the sail dropped nicely.

After this we dropped sail and tried to get back in. We had someone on the bow spotting for us, and tying up the genny, and I tied up the main with a spin sheet around 6:30 in the video (We got the spin sheets from you guys, and they've served us very well in both light and heavy air).

Around 10:00 we saw Colgate 28 in trouble off the tip of Manhattan, that we believed had someone in the water, so we stood by for assistance there. Then we motored on home.

There were quite a few things we could have done better on this trip, but we all made it, and learned a bit.


If anyone else out there has cool (er, or dangerous and exciting) photos or video of APS products being used, please email them to Also, product feedback - good and bad - is always appreciated. Please send product feedback without photos/video to

Thank you for the guest blog, Josh O. We're glad your crew and everyone in the fleet made it out of those conditions without injury.

All the best from the APS staff.

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