Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crügear Makes a Move

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear LocationCrügear has changed locations and is now next door to APS! You’ve seen it on the backs of pros, scholastic racers, and weekend warriors - on polo shirts, tech shirts, and foul weather accessories - alike. The custom team gear department at APS is helping sailing teams look sharp on and off the water.

Decoration specialist Erica B. is stoked the new location is just a stone's throw away from the main store. Now, she can hit the pavement on foot and trek it over for All Staff meetings.

(Note: The weather is not always as dreary in this photo on the left. Insert Blue Skies into your mental image, please!)

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Custom Decorated GearThe APS website has always been your one stop performance shop – and now, our hub in Eastport parallels our virtual convenience. If you’re stopping by the shop to pick up some deck hardware, you can head next to explore your team gear options with our talented and high-spritited decoration specialist Erica B.

Here’s a quick Rundown of Crügear Services:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Dye Sublimation Custom Team Gear
Dye Sublimation
This is as technical as it gets for your technical apparel. The process of Dye Sublimation actually turns dye from a solid to a gas without it going to a liquid stage in between. Just enough heat is applied to ‘sublimate’ the dye, and the newly formed gas is absorbed by the individual polyester fibers in your garment. The effect of this process is really cool – you get solid blocks of color or photo realistic that won’t fade or deteriorate. Best part is – the decoration won’t alter the wicking and breathing performance of the garment!

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Embroidery Custom Team Gear
Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Custom Decoration

A tried and true decoration favorite – embroidery permanently stitches a design into fabric. This effective design technique is a great option because it works on a variety of materials, and it’s durable. Plus, embroidery offers that classic look that is a favorite to many.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Heat Applied Vinyl Custom Team Gear
Heat Applied Vinyl
This kind decoration is just what it sounds like. An overlay of vinyl is applied to the shirt in a heat transfer. It’s great for t-shirts but works well on jackets, too. It’s a good option if you’re looking for small runs because there’s no set-up fee.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Pinnies Custom Team Gear
Team Pinnies
Of course, we have to give a shout out to scholastic sailors! More and more schools out there have stared to require that sailors wear identifiable jerseys on the course. Dye sublimate your team's art on pinnies at Crügear...

Ready to outfit your team? Click here.

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