Monday, October 3, 2011

The APS 2011 Boat Show Sale is here!

You’ve been waiting all year for our big sale, and your patience pays off today! For one week, you Get a 15% Discount on almost every product in the store. (And yes - this means you can take an additional 15% off items on the APS Sale Rack, too!) Find foul weather gear from your favorites like Musto, Gill, and SLAM and stock up on replacement parts from Harken and Ronstan.

This way, our web customers can benefit from the same perks as those able to make it to the Annapolis Boat Show in person.

You can picture yourself there…

You’re on the water at the show. You head to the Musto booth because you need a new dopp kit, and why not get the sweet Musto Washbag to bring with you on travel regattas? You enter the booth and find the Evolution Race tech shirt beside the bags. You’re looking at it, thinking about how you wore out your favorite tech shirt…

Suddenly, your eye spots the awesome New MPX Gore-Tex Race Jacket. You make your way over to it. It’s pristine, and the Gore-Tex feels smooth in your hand. Love at first sight.

What could be better than new foulies to rock this Fall? New foulies on sale. This is the time of year to get them!

Click here for more details.

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