Friday, October 21, 2011

Continuous Splice - Code Zero Furler

APS Continuous Splice + Karver Code Zero Furler + Samson MLX 1/4"= SeaCart 30 Furling Greatness!

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Karver Code Zero Furler Continuous Splice Samson MLX

What's cool about a continuous splice is the fact that it's essential for the line diameter to be uniform throughout the splice - especially in this application so it will function properly in the furler.

Why'd the boat choose Samson MLX for the task? Most likely because it's a really nice line to handle. Seriously, the polyester cover jacket has a great feel, and it's notably pretty.

(The small blocks were provided by the owner of the boat to be included in the furling system. Novatec Shock Cord is attached to the extra blocks to act as twings so the sail can be furled from either side of this fast trimaran.)

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