Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Look: Spinlock Deckvest LITE

Update:  Spinlock Deckvest LITE is now in stock!  

We received our first batch of the Spinlock Deckvest LITE!  With perfect timing, they were featured in this Monday's Morning Product Training, where new products are shown and described to all of the APS staff.  

The Deckvest LITE certainly got everyone talking and all agreed that this life jacket is a great inflatable PFD option for any around-the-buoy, inshore or coastal racer looking for a well equipped, cost effective inflatable.  

Here's Product Manager James showing us all the key features!

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At METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show hosted in Amsterdam) this year,  Spinlock premiered the newest addition to their extremely successful line of Deckvests: the Deckvest LITE.  Designed for coastal or inshore sailing, the Deckvest LITE is perfect for around the buoys racers who want the safety of a life vest but don't want to wear any bulky foam.

As its name implies, the Deckvest LITE is lightweight and super minimal.  It won't get in your way as you move quickly around a raceboat, and like all the Deckvest products, it will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  

The weight savings on the LITE comes from the removal of the integrated harness, sprayhood, and emergency light found on the standard Deckvest.   The LITE is not a replacement for the Deckvest for offshore and nighttime use, but it's great for crew who want to be safe during the day inshore and prefer wearing inflatable vests.

The Deckvest LITE will be available in 4 colors: black, blue, white, and yellow.

I was able to try one on at the Annapolis Sailboat show this year and have to say, it really is very comfortable.  I think a lot of sailors who currently wear a Mustang orsimilar type PFDs will really like the colors and comfortable fit of the New Spinlock vest.  There is a flat spot on the front of the vest where you can clip on a radio or other handheld device like a GPS, which is a nice feature to keep your hands free.

It has certainly made an impression on the Marine Industry, winning the DAME award for the Life Saving and Safety Equipment Category.  For those not familiar with the DAME Awards, they are the Design Awards givenout yearly at the METS.  Awards are given out over 8 categories with 1 overall winner by a jury. 

Winners are based on design, styling, quality of construction, overall impact on the marine industry, suitability for its intended purpose, level of innovation, cost effectiveness, and favorable environmental impact.   With entries from 21 countries, Spinlock’s Deckvest LITE shined in the safety category!  Congrats Spinlock!

Look for the Spinlock Deckvest LITE to be available sometime this Spring. The price hasn't been confirmed yet, but it will definitely be less expensive than the regular Deckvest.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Spinlock Deckvest Lite


  1. Do you think this one will get to be USCG Approved?

  2. While Spinlock continues to pursue the possibility of Coast Guard Approval for their range of life vests, the new jacket is the same in that regard as the previous Deckvest models and does not have certification.

    Due to the difficulties of achieving CG approval for a foreign manufacturer we recommend using the deckvest as your primary safety device onboard and keeping coast guard approved vests down below to fullfill the requirements. The safest life jacket is the one you wear!

    If you're looking for a CG approved vest, check out the Mustangs.