Wednesday, December 7, 2011

APS Pro Splicing Kit - One of the Best Sailing Gifts Ever

‘Tis the Season of gift giving... and yes, it’s perfectly natural to feel some personal gear lust as you’re out there shopping around. There’s already been a fair bit of buzz going on about the APS Pro Splicing Kit – and the author of the post below (and creator of the kit) says this would be at the top of his list if he didn’t have all the components already. Read on as APS Customer Service Manager Aaron F. says a little something about the newest addition to the APS product offering…

When I came to APS, I had done a fair amount of sailing and quite a bit of fiberglass and woodwork on boats, but never had I done any rigging. When I saw the rigging setup here at the shop and the type of work the riggers produced, I knew I wanted to learn.

Slowly, I’ve been learning how to do some of the splices and rope work that the APS rigging department expertly makes every day. Like many other things in life, a big part of easily making proper splices and tapers is having the right tools. For this reason, I set myself up with a rigging kit that included all of the tools that I need to splice on the go.

Since using my personal rigging kit, quite a few people have commented that it is a pretty nice setup. I had been reluctant to put a kit like this together for fear of our rigger John Lund losing business, however now that his daughter has successfully graduated college and found a job, I can in good conscience bring you the APS Pro Rigging Kit. This rigging kit includes all of the tools that you need to do expert ropework for everything from splicing the 7/64” AmSteel Blue to splicing and tapering a 7/16” high tech double braid like Endurabraid, and everything in between.

The tools are all high quality, professional grade and with the exception of replacing the whipping twine or rigging tape when you run out, this kit in its durable Harken bag will last you a very, very long time.

Happy Holidays

So what exactly is in the kit?


Vinyl Tape and Marlow Rigging Tape 
Splicing Needle
Economy Palm (Right Hand) 
Harken Carrying Bag


  1. Links all point to whipping twine

  2. Thanks for the heads up - and thanks for reading. Will fix that right now!