Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Santa Maria Cup 2011

We're smack dab in the middle of it - Match Racing at its finest is in our own backyard! Thirty two of the best female sailors in the world are in Annapolis racing for a win in the Santa Maria Cup hosted by the Eastport Yacht Club. One of four Women's International Sailing Federation grade events held in the US, The Santa Maria Cup is a world class regatta with some of its competitors planning to represent their nations in the 2012 Olympics.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS EYC Santa Maria Cup
Match Racing has been popular in Europe for quite some time and is starting to gain momentum here as more centers crop up on North American soil. What's with the huge upswing?

Match Racing makes sailing more accessible. You don't actually have to own a boat to get on the water and race. Also, it's great for weeding out the best of the best - sailors take turns sailing in each of the boats meaning winning a race really comes down to the technical skill and talent of the racers themselves rather than the condition and rigging tweaks of the boat.

This week’s racing should be full of excitement. The ladies will be racing on eight J/22's. Races take place on the Severn River starting yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 27) and go through Saturday. We're wishing good wind for these sailors as they head back out onto the Bay today.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Storefront Pros
As many know, APS is only a block away from the Eastport Yacht Club (EYC). Event organizers have been stopping by to pick up spare parts to have on hand, and the racers, too, for replacement gear. Yesterday, one of the US teams comprising of Anna Tunnicliffe, Debbie Capozzi, Molly Vandemoer, and Liz Bower dropped in. We asked each of the ladies about her favorite piece of gear. Here's what they had to say:

Anna - Sperry Ventus Shoes and Kaenons. Soft Kores for racing and Burnets for off the water.

Debbie - APS Dry Fit Shirts - a.k.a. APS Microfiber Tech Longsleeve shirts. She has two!

Molly - Atlantis Microburst Vest

Liz - Kaenon Calais

Thanks for taking a minute to talk with us on your break, all! We appreciate your time and hope you get some good racing in this week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gill Looks back on APS's 20 Years

If you were to ask our Storefront manager what he thinks about Gill, he would tell you everything he owns is Gill. It just fits him the right way - and he is not alone.

Gill began as a specialist clothing designer/manufacturer for dinghy sailing in the '70s and has evolved into one of the top players in the Marine Industry outfitting thousands. David Pritchard, President of Gill North America, has known Kyle since the start and kindly takes some time to reflect on APS's 20 years of growth.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Gill Vendor Interview

1. What was your impression of Kyle during the first 10 years of APS?
Gill always believed in Kyle and his vision . I wanted to help him from the get go. He reminded me of me. Young man getting started in the marine market following his passion and heart. We speak the same language.

2. From your perspective, how do you think APS has influenced performance sailing in the US? In the world?
In the early days APS was playing catch up. Kyle kept his eye on the UK retailers and learned a lot from them.

In my opinion, APS really started to blossom as the internet came of age. Kyle and his team understood how best to leverage the local product assortment nationally and then internationally. Over time APS connected most of the one design dots and became a one stop shop. Good people on the team, the right assortments and information on line - APS helped spark the one design community. APS is a title sponsor giving back what it has reaped in part.

3. How does APS stand out as a retailer of Gill products?
APS is an authority. When APS speaks, the customer listens. The staff care and are enthusiasts themselves. They have fun along the way. It’s the people and the platform. APS represents Gill well in all the channels. When we train on the new product line, we always have very well attended training sessions. APS [staff] understands the Gill offering and share what they know with the customer well.

APS is one of our top retailers

4. What has been a high point for you when dealing with APS?
Seeing an entrepreneur work his vision, persevering, and ultimately realizing the goal. Witnessing the company grow. Working together on different projects along the way and making it happen. Collaborating.

5. What success has Gill shared with APS?
Influence and Impact. Serving Gill customers with excellence.

6. Why did you select APS as an avenue through which you would bring your products to market?
One design is a root market for Gill so from the beginning it was a good fit. It’s our heritage just like APS - One Design Sailing .

7. What five words would you use to describe APS?
Out to win the race!

Almost every sailor out there has had some relationship with Gill. Even if you've never bought a piece of their gear outright (though, that thought is shocking!) - we're sure something in your sail kit has been influenced by Gill's innovation. In fact, Gill is responsible for 2 piece (top & bottom sets) dinghy systems - yes, you have them to thank for not having to step in and out of full suits every time you sail! Here is some of our favorite Gill gear:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Gill Race Waterproof Foul Weather Jacket
Latest and Greatest
The Race Waterproof line. This breathable and fully waterproof gear is as light as it gets - the jacket being roughly 15% lighter than any other available. Check out the ash color that is new as of late summer:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Gill One Design Boot
Being a favorite of many a dinghy/small keel boat sailor, Gill's One Design boot is everywhere! With grip and comfort like this, we're not surprised.

Gill will be in booth #69 at the Annapolis Boat Show in just two weeks. If you have plans to be in town, stop by to see Gill's latest and greatest first hand! If you can't make it, you won't be left out. For 1 week during the show, you'll get 15% off all Gill gear. Click here for details.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

APS – Harken Track Bending

Etchells and certain catamaran sailors order Harken track from APS and need it bent to follow cabin house curves or boom radii. We had one such order recently, and asked track guru Bam to show us how it is done. Above, you see him working to manipulate a track on what we’ve dubbed, “The Track Bending Machine.”

Note, track is slightly flexible, and you can make very minor bends when installing it. However, when it comes to bends that are a little more complex or pronounced we recommend that you not do it yourself so you won’t kink the track and have to buy all new track. Click here to view the APS – Harken Curved Track PDF to find out what measurements you'll need when putting in an order for Harken Bent Track. If you have ANY questions about your measurements, please call APS Customer Service at 800-729-9767.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New England Ropes Looks back on APS’s 20 Years

New England Ropes is a stronghold in rope manufacturing. Their status in the marine industry is due to partly to innovation and partly to service - the variety of line they offer combined with their efficiency and customer service on a wholesale level is remarkable. Marine Market Manager Kevin Coughlin was kind enough to take time to reflect on the relationship New England Ropes shares with APS as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes

1. Why did you select APS as an avenue through which you would bring your products to market?
Plain and simple, APS is a market leader with knowledgeable staff. What better way or better relationship when you take the leading products from our brand and have them brought to market by leading one-design and dinghy specialist? As APS has grown, so has New England Ropes.

2. What has been a high point for you when dealing with APS?
Our first order about 5 years ago. We made a commitment to the market that APS has excelled in servicing for over 20 years. Our team designed and produced products that would add value and service the end-user - and with help from APS, we try and identify opportunities to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

3. What success has New England Ropes shared with APS?
Our success lies in our close relationships with leading athletes, boats, and riggers worldwide. We take that information and develop products faster than our competitors. Our goal is to always involve and include APS so that they can take advantage of this and continue to be at the forefront of innovation in cordage solutions for the racing sailor.

4. What do you like about dealing with APS?
Everything. It is the whole organization, from store level, riggers, buying team, to marketing, and owners. All take the time to learn our products, collaborate, plan, and execute. APS is passionate about servicing and solving the customer’s needs. We share the same passion and want to make sure the racing sailor has a great experience with our products through APS.

5. What 5 words would use to describe APS?
Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneurial, Integrity, Commitment

Here is a sample of some of the great New England Ropes products APS recommends to customers on a daily basis as people call in with rigging orders:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes Sta-SetIconic

Sta-Set sets a standard, which all other double braid polyester lines are measured against. It offers high strength, low stretch, and extreme durability. We recommend it for sheets and/or control lines in lower load applications.

Innovative Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes ARC Cover

The ARC Cover is a technical blend designed to protect lines that function under very high loads by preventing surface-melting and surging.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS New England Ropes DCS CoverThe DCS Cover is made of 100% Dyneema SK-75 and is intended to reduce friction around tight radius applications where there tends to be high abrasion on a line.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crügear Makes a Move

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear LocationCrügear has changed locations and is now next door to APS! You’ve seen it on the backs of pros, scholastic racers, and weekend warriors - on polo shirts, tech shirts, and foul weather accessories - alike. The custom team gear department at APS is helping sailing teams look sharp on and off the water.

Decoration specialist Erica B. is stoked the new location is just a stone's throw away from the main store. Now, she can hit the pavement on foot and trek it over for All Staff meetings.

(Note: The weather is not always as dreary in this photo on the left. Insert Blue Skies into your mental image, please!)

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Custom Decorated GearThe APS website has always been your one stop performance shop – and now, our hub in Eastport parallels our virtual convenience. If you’re stopping by the shop to pick up some deck hardware, you can head next to explore your team gear options with our talented and high-spritited decoration specialist Erica B.

Here’s a quick Rundown of Crügear Services:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Dye Sublimation Custom Team Gear
Dye Sublimation
This is as technical as it gets for your technical apparel. The process of Dye Sublimation actually turns dye from a solid to a gas without it going to a liquid stage in between. Just enough heat is applied to ‘sublimate’ the dye, and the newly formed gas is absorbed by the individual polyester fibers in your garment. The effect of this process is really cool – you get solid blocks of color or photo realistic that won’t fade or deteriorate. Best part is – the decoration won’t alter the wicking and breathing performance of the garment!

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Embroidery Custom Team Gear
Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Custom Decoration

A tried and true decoration favorite – embroidery permanently stitches a design into fabric. This effective design technique is a great option because it works on a variety of materials, and it’s durable. Plus, embroidery offers that classic look that is a favorite to many.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Heat Applied Vinyl Custom Team Gear
Heat Applied Vinyl
This kind decoration is just what it sounds like. An overlay of vinyl is applied to the shirt in a heat transfer. It’s great for t-shirts but works well on jackets, too. It’s a good option if you’re looking for small runs because there’s no set-up fee.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Crugear Pinnies Custom Team Gear
Team Pinnies
Of course, we have to give a shout out to scholastic sailors! More and more schools out there have stared to require that sailors wear identifiable jerseys on the course. Dye sublimate your team's art on pinnies at Crügear...

Ready to outfit your team? Click here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ronstan Looks back on APS's 20 Years

Australian trendsetter Ronstan has been innovating products in the Performance Racing/Marine Industry for over half a century. (They were founded in 1953!) When Kyle Gross opened the doors to APS in 1991, Ronstan was among the first companies he approached for product. Ronstan CEO Alistair Murray was there to witness the early days of APS, and here, he reflects on our 20 years evolution.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Ronstan Looks Back
In compiling a response to your questionnaire I have drawn upon some recollections from some other Ronstan mates of Kyle’s, being Scot West, Peter Muir and Ben Moon. (Top Managers at Ronstan.) Here goes:

1. How does APS stand out as a retailer of Ronstan products?
APS has achieved the position with us of “We’ve got to get this product into APS” so everyone will know it is new and hot.

2. Do you have any unique stories pertaining to APS?
Ben thinks of Kyle as having a spirit of adventure. Ben was on a remote beach in the Dominican Republic (not sure what Ben was doing there!) and bumped into Kyle, who was on his third trip to the area Kite boarding, which was his new addiction. Of course they had lunch, New Year’s drinks and all the rest of it. Ben considers Kyle a friend as much as a customer, which is the way we all feel here.

Peter and I will never forget Kyle’s trip to Australia for our conference, and how much he enjoyed the horseback riding, the winery, surfing lessons and his surfboard, which we love seeing so proudly displayed in the store. We also remember how he interacted with as many Ronstan employees as possible to learn more about how we did things and why. He was everyone’s mate!

3. What has been a high point for you when dealing with APS? APS staff?
Knowing the support and passion the whole team has for dealing with Ronstan and also knowing they let us know when we miss the mark.

4. What was your impression of Kyle during the first 10 years of APS?
Long hair hippy, then short hair hippy, then med length hair hippy, then short hair hippy again.

5. What is your favourite boat show memory with APS?
Scot mumbled something about Alistair serenading Rob’s (Director of Marketing alum at APS) wife at dinner, but we won’t go there!

6. What is special about APS?
Everyone at APS has an understanding of who they are and what they represent in the industry.

They are always progressive, asking questions, giving you feedback on product performance and customer reaction, give you access to everyone in the organisation, willing to give you the time to give your pitch.

Knowledgeable and understanding on all levels of business. APS treats us with respect and treats Ronstan as part of their team, not just a vendor.

7. What five words would you use to describe APS?
• Innovative
• Effective
• Un-biased
• Ronstan champion
• In touch
• (Ok, so it’s more than 5. Get over it!)

Happy 20th birthday, guys!
Alistair and all your mates at Ronstan.

What do we like about Ronstan? Their innovation and willingness/enthusiasm to test new ideas.

Ronstan has been offering great products for decades – here are some APS recommends:

Latest and Greatest

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Ronstan Orbit BlockIn keeping with their innovative reputation, Ronstan’s Orbit Blocks represent the first major production of blocks incorporating soft terminations, a.k.a. Dyneema Loops. Ronstan’s early innovation has contributed to the further development (and current trend) of soft terminations, including products like the APS Dyneema Shackle Loops .

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Ronstan Sticky GloveIconic

Ronstan Gloves are recognizable all over the world. A staff favorite at APS, the Sticky Race Gloves are durable and give you maximum grip. If you haven't tried them out yet, you should!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Discounted Lasers and Optis, Oh My! The 2011 APS Boat Sale is On!

Customer Service Manager Aaron can’t contain his excitement:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Laser Sailing Boat Sale

They’re finally here! The 200,000 series Lasers have arrived!

What some call the greatest OD boat ever has finally hit its next big milestone – the 200,000 boat mark.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Laser Blades Sale

This is your chance to have slickest boat on the line at your next regatta and get the best deal in the country! These boats look good, too. Hulls on the 200,000 series boats we’ve seen so far feel really stiff; and with the slick, new GRP blades included, these boats will put you at the top of any regatta. (Some sailing skill required!)

In celebration of this milestone, and the fact that once again the Greatest Boat Show ever (send alternate opinions to ) is arriving to the shores of Annapolis, APS is offering some SWEET boat deals! Presenting the 2011 APS Boat Sale:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS 2011 Boat Sale Discount Price Chart
Laser Performance boats are from $300 to $1,250 off their normal prices for a limited time*. Not only do you get cash discounts off new boat purchases, all boats listed are eligible for Free Gear! If you order a LaserPerformance boat between now and the end of the year, we will throw in a Go Pro® HD Helmet Hero Video Camera.

There’s also a great deal running on McLaughlin Optis. When you buy a new boat or charter package, you’re going to get your choice of a Free Dolly, Hull Cover, or a WinDesign Race Sail! If you didn’t think the deal could get sweeter, I’m here to tell you, we’re giving away a second free gear item, too. How’s about an Optiparts Blade Bag?

You heard it here first - Now is the time to buy boats and get free gear. Click here
for details.

To get on board with this deal, call John Maloney at 800-729-9767 x114 or email

*Sale pricing ends October 17th, 2011.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

APS Web Re-Launch

The APS 20th Anniversary is the perfect excuse to give the APS website a makeover! 20 is a good year, and what better way to start a new decade than to refit??

Today, APS is re-launching our site to serve you better. We’ll pause while these teaser photos cause you to ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh.’

The best new feature is the redesigned footer. It is now easier to find and organize your Wish List, find answers to shipping and rigging questions, and access to information regarding the APS Regatta Sponsorship Program. We're looking out for the next generation, too. The new footer also includes landing pages for scholastic sailors.

You’ll also notice we’ve changed the look of the site to match the new and improved streamlined navigation! Clean Design + Clean Navigation = Happy Customers! Hope you like the changes…

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Annapolis Race Week 2011

Velocity Crew - Photo by Sara Proctor
For the second year in a row, Annapolis was graced with strong breeze and sunny skies for the 45th annual Raceweek.  Some of the folks at APS raced this weekend and came back to work today with raccoon eyes and sore muscles, wishing the Labor Day weekend was 4 days instead of 3. Everyone survived the tiring races and made it back to the office with accounts from their side of the race course...

Matt Fafoutis, Customer Service

This year’s Annapolis Race was chock full of good take-aways for myself and crew aboard a Beneteau 40.7. I found myself in a position that I don’t often do and had to adapt quickly in a competitive, albeit smaller than usual A1 fleet. The breeze was typically around 10-12 knots which made for three days of exciting racing. Sunday’s racing was slightly breezier and also made for some alright surfing conditions as the wind had been consistently from the south all weekend.

We managed to get the boat in gear, motoring upwind and often found ourselves rounding the windward mark in the mix, but our few extra pounds made staying with the significantly lighter Thompson 30 and Farr 30 downwind a challenge. The weekend highlighted the importance of changing gears as we often found ourselves struggling to adapt quickly as conditions evolved. This was the result of our relative inexperience in the boat; our learning curve is still quite steep and I think we all learned a lot about the boat.

Off the water, things were fun as usual. It was my first major Annapolis regatta since moving to Annapolis proper.Being able to walk to the regatta party and still sleep in my own bed was great.

I want to shout out thanks to our skipper and the rest of the crew for some great work all weekend. Thanks to all the boats that came out in the A1 fleet, hopefully we’ll have better numbers next year (It was also pretty exciting watching the 20+ A2 fleet on our course). Hopefully we’ll see you all at IRC Mid Atlantics!

Warren Richter, Customer Service

For CBYRA Annapolis Race Week I was sailing on a J-109 in PHRF Class A2. The weather conditions were fantastic for all 3 days. Saturday brought 10-12kts, Sunday 12-14kts, and Monday 14-16kts. The AYC Committee work was fantastic and quickly banged off 8 total races with very little lag in between.  This is absolutely the most competitive PHRF fleet I have ever seen by the sheer volume of very competitive boats and 21 boats on the line.

Anyone on the racecourse was happy to finish in the top third in a race as it was definitely a keeper score. On Sunday for race 3 there were 3 general recalls and the race committee brought out the black flag to finally get a start off. When was the last time you saw a black flag in a PHRF fleet?!?  In any case, it was a great weekend of racing and although our results were not what I had hoped for, it was nice to sail in some consistent breeze, hopefully the start of some great fall sailing in Annapolis.  Thanks to the skipper and crew or a great time, thanks to the AYC Race Committee for great committee work as always, and Mother Nature for providing the breeze.

Team Ragin' - Photo courtesy of  SpinSheet
Mike Lindsley, Storefront

The wind was great, the sandwiches were wonderful, and our crew was spectacular! These ingredients all made for a great race week!
I really have nothing bad to say about the entire weekend, the weather was predicting to be light and variable with more than a healthy chance of rain……. But we were surprised with great breeze and no rain, Mother Nature was very gracious!

I got a good taste of teamwork this weekend and our first place finish on Velocity really reflected it! Well done to our competition on the J111 Ragin’! This was Ragin’s first regatta and the crew sailed and looked great with some help of Crügear.

A big shout out to Marty, Wayne, Kenny, all the Velocity crew, Kathy for the Snacktician Sandwiches, the great race committee, and folks at CBYRA for a great regatta!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Musto Waterproof OutDry Gloves – Seal out Water, Wind, and Cold

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Viper
No one is trying to scare you off. We’re just encouraging you to think ahead. The time is nigh to consider how your digits are going to stay warm and dry when the temperatures start to drop and cold weather sailing starts up again.

(For those of you sailing in cold climes year round: You rock, and these gloves were made for you!)

The murmurs regarding a technology called OutDry are getting louder, and the sailing community is taking note. One example of the technology in play: Musto’s Waterproof OutDry Gloves.

OutDry technology is big in the outdoor industry and seems to have proven its merit over time. If Musto’s OutDry Waterproof Gloves do what they’re supposed to do, they may just be the lightest, most waterproof, dexterous gloves in the sailing market...
Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Musto OutDry Waterproof Gloves
So what is OutDry exactly? It’s a waterproof and breathable membrane. It’s also the patented lamination process in which that membrane is bonded directly to an external shell. In this case, the shell material for the gloves is nylon. Because the membrane is bonded directly to the interior of the shell, there are no gaps that will allow water to penetrate the barrier. Furthermore, there is a layer of insulation, which serves comfort in more ways than one.
Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Musto OutDry Glove
The soft insulation layer sits next to your hand and wicks away sweat. There is a layer of dry air that allows your sweat to turn to vapor, and the highly breathable membrane lets the water vapor pass through keeping your hands warm and dry.

Because part of the OutDry patent includes the actual lamination process, it’s important to note these waterproof gloves have no taped seams. This means there is no bulging, and you will have increased dexterity.

What’s up with the Gloves?

The Good: The liner is soft to the touch. The wrist elastic is tight by design to keep water out. Velcro is utilized as an additional closure beyond the wrist elastic to reinforce the waterproofness of the glove.

The outer material/shell of the glove is a durable nylon with an even more durable, synthetic grippy palm.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Musto OutDry Waterproof GloveThe Bad: The wrist elastic is tight by design, and the gloves are true to fit. Be prepared for this sensation. You will be aware that your wrists are being hugged…

Overall: Musto is constantly innovating. These gloves have enormous potential, and word on the street is they’re good. We plan to test these gloves ourselves once the weather turns. Consider this your heads up.

If you have Musto’s Waterproof OutDry Gloves and have had the chance to try them out – please post your feedback below. Stay tuned…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

APS/Spinsheet Chesapeake Racer Profile - September

The following is the September APS Chesapeake Racer Profile, a monthly hi-light in Spinsheet Magazine (written by Molly Winans):

If Annapolis sailor Nicole Weaver had a tagline for her sailing career, it would read "baptism by fire." A native of Stratford-on-Avon, England, Weaver got into sailing "by accident," when she was working for IBM in Warwick, and one of her squash friends had a proposal for her. His wife and regular crew on his Lark (like a 505) was pregnant and too occupied with her other child to race every weekend. He told Weaver he would teach her to sail if she committed to the entire summer as his race crew. "I learned on a weeknight and went to a three-day regatta the following weekend," she says, " I loved it immediately. I sailed with him for the next three years, and he and his family became family to me."

Years later when she was working for a software company in Santa Cruz, CA, Weaver approached someone in a lunch line who was wearing a regatta T-shirt and landed herself a regular crew spot on Express 37. After doing mostly weeknight racing and the distance race known as the Windjammers Race from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, she started itching to learn how to drive. She bought herself a Hobie 16. "After one week, I went to the Hobie 16 Nationals. It blew 30 knots every day. I got so good at righting the boat."

For three years , she raced Hobies and the transitioned into bigger boat racing (40+ feet). Her crew came in dead last at the Puerto Vallarta Race (originating in San Diego, CA) and "had a lot of time to bond. 'Euro Trash Girl' was our theme song." When she flew out to New York in 1999 to see a J/120 for sale ("I'll take it," she said, flooring the broker), she knew the theme song had to be the boat name.

A few months later, when her career shifted, she had Euro Trash Girl trucked back east in Annapolis. She and her crew competed in 20 events the first year, including the Crystal Cup in the Bahamas, Key West Race Week, and the SORC Race. "We had a lot of fun for the next few years. We decided that we had to 1) be safe, 2) have fun, 3) do as well as we could."

The Euro Trash Girl team scored second in CBYRA High Point in 2000, 2001, and 2002. They twice won their class at the Solomons Island Invitational (2000 and 2001) and once, the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge (2002). The team came in second at Key West Race Week (2004) and won its class at Charleston Race Week (2004). Weaver and crew also won their class and PHRF overall at the Annapolis to Newport Race in 2005. She believes she was the first women skipper to win this race overall.

In the past few years, Weaver's passions have turned to distance racing-although extensive world business travel has prohibited her organizing such races on her own boat. On the J/122 Teamwork, she crewed for a winning Fort Lauderdale to Charleston Race (2009). On the J/122 Flying Jenny, she was watch captain for first-place finishes in the Annapolis to Newport Race (2009) and Bayview to Mackinac Race (2010), as well as watch captain for the second-in-class (by only nine minutes) J/120 Shinnecock team at the Marblehead to Halifax Race (2011).

As she's been talking about for five years, Weaver is having repairs done on Euro Trash Girl before putting her up for sale. "It's a shame she's not being used. She's a great boat."

What was your scariest sailing experience?
My first delivery on my boat to Florida. I hadn't been offshore in my own boat before. It was blowing 25 to 30 knots, and the boat was making noises I hadn't heard before. I was reading the chapter in The Perfect Storm on the physiology of drowning. I decided to close the book and save that chapter for later.

What are your non-sailing passions?
I run, bike, and snowboard. (I'm an ex-triathlete-don't like to swim.) I like hiking, camping, and most outdoor stuff. I'm dying to buy a stand-up paddleboard, but I've been stopping myself because I have too many toys.

Is there anything new you'd like to accomplish?
A Transpac, a trans-Atlantic crossing, the Pineapple Cup, racing in Europe...If I met the right person, a circumnavigation would not be out of the question.

What gear do you depend on?
I love my Musto foulies, Keens, Kaenon sunglasses, my Velocitek Speedpuck, and Trader Joe's chocolate covered expresso beans (I cannot distance race without them.)