Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sea Monkey Crugear

What's all this monkey business?  It's Sea Monkey business!  Drake Borer is the owner a Viper 640, Sea Monkey and we think he has some awesome Crugear (it's not just because we made it either).

What more could you want from a logo than a peg-legged monkey with a sword, gun and eyepatch?  Nothing?  That's what we thought too.

Their current line up of Crugear includes:

Gill Technical Shirt with Dye Sublimation

Yes, that's right!  We can add logos to foul weather gear too.  Vinyl is applied to the outside of the gear and doesn't compromise it's ability to be completely waterproof.  A great option for those who hate to see their favorite tech shirt get covered by smocks when the weather turns.  For more great examples of vinyl, check out our gallery, here.  

Think you have something better?  Show your boat off with some new Crugear today! 

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