Monday, July 9, 2012

First Look: Atlantis Shipyard Short

The Atlantis Shipyard short is a product of years of development, research, and design. The team in Marblehead, MA tested hundreds of shorts in the outdoor and sailing market to decide what features and materials they wanted in the Shipyard. The product of their hard work can now be your favorite short!

These shorts have classic good looks combined with innovative construction. They are meant to shed water, dry quickly and let you move around comfortably. They also have a mesh lined zippered pocket and multi-tool sheath that will be useful to tacticians and bowman alike.

Fabric: They are built of comfortable which has a lightweight Nylon 66 fabric has a soft cotton-like feel. This material will provide awesome protection from the deck and a level of comfort that you're not used to in sailing shorts.

Fit: Regular fit, straight-leg style, tab and button take-ups on each side allow you to fine-tune the fit. The leg ends just about the top to middle of the knee.

Closures: Zipper fly with traditional button waist closure.

Other: Lots of storage with six-pocket design includes zippered side pocket in addition to standard four, internal loop at top of pocket gives you a place to tie lanyards.

First Look:  After a few days of trying these on and wearing them for the product video, I am definitely  picking up a pair. The Shipyard are comfortable, fit well, and have well thought out features. My favorite part is the material, it feels lightweight on, but seems very durable and isn't abrasive to your skin. The years of research definitely show through.

Take a minute to check out our Shipyard overview video. It's a great way to see how the short wears and the layout of the storage areas.

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  1. Wearing that short while in a yacht or a boat will be a perfect combination. Most especially in summer season.