Friday, July 27, 2012

Will it Float??

One of the riggers here at APS ended up with his motorcycle keys at the bottom of the river last week. After a few days of diving and eventually the use of a magnet fishing rig he did manage to pull them out. The very next day the WaterBuoy was attached to his keyring.

We thought it would be cool to try one out:

It's a pretty cool little device that can lift up to 1kg of dry weight, has a built in flashing LED light, and gives you 24 hours of flotation to find your WaterBuoy. The unique patented trigger mechanism of the WaterBuoy is designed to activate the device after seconds of submersion in normal temperatures. This means that your valuables won't drift too far or sink too far before they resurface. It is also designed to minimise the chance of accidental activation -- the WaterBuoy must be submerged; splashing will not set it off.

If you have been "key fishing" before you should probably just click here.

More information on the WaterBuoy here.

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