Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tech Short Review: Camet Nantucket Shorts

Aaron from Customer Service takes a look at one of his favorite technical shorts, the Camet Nantucket

These shorts are great for racers and non-racers alike. They’re made from fast drying, lightweight nylon with DWR coated material for maximum comfort and the protection of a UV40+ rating. The Cordura reinforced seat will let the Nantucket stand up to even the most aggressive nonskid or years of hiking on smaller boats. 

With a plain front and cargo pocket, they distinguish themselves from our most popular Camet Short, the 3000
A big durable button stays buttoned and can be undone with gloved hands – something that many other sailing shorts can’t say!  With additional pocket for seat pads, they're ready for long days on the water.  They have a Velcro cinch on the side that lays flat – a nice feature for added flexibility in fit, but beware of the sizing as they do run large.  

At a 36” waist, I’m a medium (which I can’t complain about!).  Make sure you check the sizing chart here for the right size. The shorts are very versatile and the only thing that makes them a true sailing short and not as much of a lifestyle short is the lack of back pocket. So you might want to change out of these workhorse shorts when going out after racing, unless of course, you’re not the one paying! 

Overall, the Nantucket shorts are a lightweight, comfortable and functional pair of shorts.  And since it's almost the 4th of July, another great feature of note is these shorts are made in the good ol' USA.

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