Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sailing Shoe Review: Zhik ZKG Shoe

Logan from Storefront Customer Service takes a look at the Zhik ZKG Shoe

The ZKG is a truly “amphibious” shoe by Zhik.  Purpose built for sailing, the aerated-neoprene wears comfortably both wet and dry.  Neoprene construction also means the shoe hugs to your foot without being laced up. 

Any sailor from Optis to keelboats will enjoy a pair of ZKGs.  They combine the classic look of “Chuck Taylors” with new-age materials to keep you blister free on a wet ride. So kids at camp that go between swimming and sailing or big boat hikers who hate how crashing waves leave their sneakers soggy, look no further. 

The shoe offers superior traction due to the gummy rubber sole and aggressive tread pattern. The non-rigid bottom also helps contour to the deck or un-level surfaces.  Gum doesn't stick to this shoe, this shoe sticks to gum!

From personally sailing in a pair, I think that it wears and flexes just like a dinghy boot, minus the extra material and height.  My normal street shoe is a size 10.5, so without socks, a size 10 fits comfortably and gives a little for wide feet.  The ZKG is reasonable priced and comes in a variety of colors.


  1. I love the "Chucks" look. Golly....I wish this came in High-tops.....I would buy multiple colors!

  2. I bought a pair about 2 weeks ago and so far love them. The grip is fantastic, and wore them in the Solomon's race overnight and stayed comfortable the whole time despite being soaked. I would highly recommend these to anyone in the market for a great deck shoe.