Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trapeze Harness Review - Ronstan Sailing Harness

John from Customer Service talks about the Ronstan Sailing Harness.

This harness is great for any type of trapezing on dinghies or sportboats.  Ronstan took the time to think out the details, making this harness a great pick.  Let me take you through them.

The leg straps are neoprene lined which is nice if the straps end up next to skin.   Also, the other three attachment point buckles are protected by neoprene sheathes.  This is great for preventing snags on line and shrouds.  

The two side attachment points that take a lot of the load are very reinforced with a patch and extra webbing to spread out the load.  This pretty much prevents point loading and will let the trap last longer.  

The spreader bar has welded strap attachment points and a welded “hook in” hook.  It also has neoprene coverings which look cool as well as make it nicer on gear or skin if you’re shirtless.  It’s probably nicer to grab if you’re in really cold weather too. 

What’s cool about the shoulder straps is they are soft and mesh lined.   This really helps prevent excess wear on gear or skin.  It also creates a little ventilation.

Moving down into the inside of the harness, we see a “back pillow”.  This is great for extra support.  The nice thing about it is it is adjustable.  It’s got a range of about eight inches up and down and about five inches side to side before it won’t engage the Velcro.   This big range of movement is good for sailors who have specific back needs.

Below that is a large, abrasion resistant pad.  It is essentially a semi-circle about 16” in diameter with a 7” “kind of” radius.  This is excellent for countering abrasion from all of the aggressive non-skid you find on rails, tanks and floors of most trapeze boats.

Overall, I think this is a really well built harness and a great deal.

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