Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zhik Aroshell Review

Andy from Customer Service takes a closer look at the Zhik Aroshell.  

Although from the light inshore category, don't let the name fool you.  The Aroshell is the only one in the category that is a 3 layer laminate with fully taped seams, which will keep you dry, yet cool since the fabric is breathable.   

The outside layer is a weatherproof (wind and water proof) layer designed with stretch made of woven polyester.  The middle layer is a “Monolithic Membrane” (Zhik’s Proprietary waterproofing Layer) that is waterproof and breathable.   The inner protective laminate is made of a tricot mesh which keeps this material breathable.

This jacket also includes waterproof pocket zippers, to keep all your valuable bits (roll of tape, multi tool, cell phone, keys, wallet) dry .  With Velcro enclosure on the cuffs, and a elastic cinch on the waist, this jacket will fit you like a glove, with comfort and flexibility.

The Aroshell has a removable hood that attaches to the collar with a zipper.  This can be easily removed for storage in your pocket in case of emergency or in your gear bag, which ever you prefer.   The collar is also has a fleece lining to prevent chafe on your face and neck. 

With full wet weather protection and minimalist style, the Zhik Aeroshell is designed to be lightweight, flexible and comfortable on and off the water.  When performance matters, the Aroshell is what you need.

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