Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dinghy Smock Review: Gill Pro Top

Andy takes a look at the Gill Pro Top. 

Designed for the active dinghy or keelboat sailor, the Pro Dinghy Top by Gill offers unrestricted movement and completely waterproof garment.   This smock is a lightweight waterproof, 2-layer laminate fabric with fully sealed seams which is perfect for inshore or day sailing where performance matters.

The Pro Top has PU (PolyUrethane) seals with Velcro adjustment tabs at the wrist and neck as well as the adjustable neoprene waist band, which provides a custom and secure fit.  The Velcro adjustment on the neck is unique - You simply pull two elastic tabs backward and adjust for a snug fit.

My favorite feature of this Smock is the single side zip pocket.  It’s not in the front which prevents bulk at the midsection and allows for unrestricted hiking. 

Being on the side also allows you to access it even with a life jacket on – making this smock even more suited for dinghy sailing.Also, it’s big enough to keep all sorts of things (it’s where I keep my granola bar!).  

It's available in many different sizes and colors.  If you are looking for something lightweight, waterproof and durable, add the Gill Pro Top to your shopping cart now!

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