Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hardware Review: Harken 57mm Carbo Airblock Ratchet

Drew looks into the features that make up the Harken 57mm Carbo Airblock Ratchet.  

Whether it is a main sheet block for a dinghy, or a large block for a running backstay, we can usually find a block to fit our needs.  Harken has designed the Carbo Airblocks to fill the need of a strong, lightweight, multi-purpose block.

The 57mm Swivel Carbo Airblock RatchetBlock features an on/off switch for the ratchet than can be switched from either side of the block.

Turning it off will allow the block to run freely when the breeze is light, yet if needed, you can leave it on when the sheet is loaded for added control while trimming.

At the top of the block it has a lock on the shackle. You can either set it locked or unlocked to allow the block to swivel freely. This allows you to use the block in any situation you may need on the boat, showing its true diversity.

The Carbo Airblock itself is made out of durable UV resistant material allowing for years of use. It allows the block to be lightweight, while having a high breaking strength, the 57mm block has a 792 lb breaking strength.

The 57mm block can handle lines up to 3/8.  The full line of Carbo Airblocks work in many different applications and come in ratchet and non-ratchet combinations.  

So if you are looking for a new block to use while hand holding those loaded sheets, the 57mm Carbo Airblock Ratchet by Harken is the block for you.

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