Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dry Suit Review: Neil Pryde Curve Drysuit

The Curve Dry Suit by Neil Pryde is designed for cold weather sailing.  Specializing in dinghy racing or small boat frostbiting, Neil Pryde took the time to add in extra features you won’t find on other drysuits.

A high fleece collar will be very nice on especially windy and rainy or snowy days, with Velcro in the front and a pull cord in the back for maximum adjustment.  On warmer days it can be easily folded down.

Next is the upgrade in the zipper system.  Pre-curved, it makes it more comfortable than a straight zipper and won't get in the way.  The waterproof zipper is brass but is protected by a plastic zipper which will help prevent zipper wear and tear and also protect against accidental snagging.

Finally, the closures; the ankle and wrist seals are protected with heavy duty Velcro adjustable enclosures.  It also features booties which are warmer and more comfortable than latex rubber used on a lot of suits due to the fabric of the suit continuing on to the feet.
It does run slightly long and has a bit of an athletic cut but the built in suspenders will compensate for this if you are small in the suit or still growing. 

The price is right with the other mid-range suits, making the added features stand out even more.   It would be a top choice if I didn't already own a drysuit!    

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