Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gill Neoprene Winter Gloves

Winter gloves are a game of trade-offs. Unfortunately, there is no true silver bullet. Historically either the gloves are warm but too thick and/or not grippy enough or they’re plenty dexterous but too thin and not warm enough for frostbiting. The gloves that do everything well tend to be really expensive

The Gill Winter Neoprene Gloves fall towards the warm end of the spectrum, but they also address some of the typical concerns. At 3mm they’re thicker, albeit warmer, than any other neoprene gloves we offer. To protect the neoprene and add grip the palm and fingers it has an added PU (polyurethane) Dex coating in a printed pattern.

They’re neoprene so they’re designed to fit snug and work best in wet conditions. These are not water-proof, they’re only water-resistant and work like a wetsuit. For those of you who have never owned a wetsuit before the idea is to capture water inside the suit and warm it with your body heat. This makes these gloves particularly good in wet conditions, but won't work as well in dry conditions making them excel at wet dinghy sailing, but as as great for dry, cold big boat sailing. 

The other consideration is the wrist seal. The wrist seal is pretty long so you can conveniently overlap it with a drysuit or spray top cuff.  They’re design to trap water inside the gloves so the wrist seal (and the rest of the glove for that matter) is fairly snug, bordering on tight so they’re also somewhat challenging to take on and off. Typically this isn't an issue for most people because they just put them on at the beginning of the day and leave them on until they’re done sailing at the end of the day.  

On the whole the Gill Neoprene Winter Gloves are some really nice gloves, and excel when you expect to get wet and cold.  For some more reading you might look back at our in depth, side-by-side comparison of frostbite gloves from a few seasons ago found here.

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