Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas

We know what sailors want for the holidays and Aaron from Customer Service is here to help with four items that are bound to please.

What the heck is that jingly noise…AH!!! It’s the holidays, already!

Hey at least we wait until after Halloween to start breaking out the tinsel!  Here are some gift ideas that will make any sailor, naughty or nice, very happy.

All of the gift ideas shown here are one size, so you don’t have to re-live that weigh in awkwardness. Remember? When you asked them to run around the block at NA’s… Yeah, they probably earned a gift for that.

First up is the Harken Sailcloth Wallet available in Kevlar (yellow), Pentex (white), and new for this year a carbon 3Deye fabric (gray/black). Let the world know your love for sailing with this well priced perennial favorite.

Next is the new version of our best selling sailing watch. The 2014 version of the Ronstan Race Timer has a large face good for all eyeballs old and young, and big buttons that can be used easily even by gloved hands.

The other unique feature of the Race Timer is its large elastic band and the fact that the watch can be rotated in the bezel. The elastic allows the watch to go over a spray top or drysuit making it ideal for the frostbiter. It also can be mounted around a Laser™ mast or with the recessed holes on the back, screwed to a bulkhead or thwart on an Opti (Jr. never finds themselves in their boat without a timer!).

The Weems and Plath Stormglass is a mystical instrument used by the legendary Admiral FitzRoy. The then Captain mounted it to the mast of the HMS Beagle on its historic 1831 voyage with a man named Charles Darwin. Great for a history buff or the sailor who has everything. This functional show piece can be displayed on a desktop or mounted vertically on a wall with the included hardware.

Last, the perfect thing for stuffing stockings.  The Gill MarineTool has the essentials that your sailor needs to be safe onboard. It even has a flat head screwdriver (or beer opener for after the race). It also comes with a carrying case that can go on a belt or mast harness.

Ho Ho Ho!

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