Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New England Ropes WR2

The WRby New England Ropes is a Dyneema single braid covered by a Dyneema cover that is made specifically for wire replacement, and is particularly well suited for lifeline replacement.

This week I am showing you lightweight lifelines made with the new WR2. One of the least thought about and important parts of any vessels safety equipment are the lifelines.  ISAF Offshore Regulations now set minimum diameters on fibrous lifelines that have been spliced, and recommend a covered Dyneema line like the WR2 as a best option. The WR2 in the 3/16” size shown complies with all regulations on any size vessel.

As you see in the video these fibrous lifelines are easy to install and according to the manufacturer have a longer service life than the wire they replace.

If you are replacing a wire lifeline it is important that you take a file and smooth any burrs on your stanchions that the old wire may have created but once you have; you will enjoy years of maintenance free, easy to handle, lightweight lifelines.

Please feel free to call our customer service team at 800.729.9767 with any questions on replacing your lifelines with this great new alternative.


  1. Are you sure the 5mm WR2 meets all ISAF requirements? The way I read it, the CORE must by 5mm for boats over 28' (2014-2015 regs.) Is the core even 4mm? That is the min. for < 28'. My safe interpretations is this 5mm WR2 doesn't meet ISAF requirements for any size boat. NER needs to make a larger WR2. I asked them about this 1 year ago. No reply.

  2. NER makes the following sizes. And yes, the core needs to meet the minimum requirements for ISAF. They will also require you remove a section of the cover to inspect the diameter of the core.
    1/8" 3 mm
    5/32" 4 mm
    3/16" 5 mm
    9/32" 7 mm
    However, some people have no need to meet ISAF regs, and NER offers these other sizes for them.


  3. Interesting. I don't see 7mm WR2 listed on the NER website. Good addition if it is really available.

  4. We're working on getting in touch with New England for more information. We'll be back with answers as soon as we can.