Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Edge by Stohlquist

New for 2014, The Edge by Stohlquist, is an optimal Type III PFD with some serious wear-ability.  If the sailing you do requires the use of a lifejacket, here is one for day long comfort.

The Wrapture design means the flotation contours to the shape of the body to avoid the bulkiness typical to jackets made in large foam panels. 

The jacket has two straps on the shoulders and two on each side, giving the user full adjustability to accommodate how he or she prefers to wear it.  That range of adjustability also makes this a great jacket for juniors who are just transitioning out of youth sizes (90lbs +).

Another stellar feature is the pull tab on the zipper.  By extending past the bottom of the teeth, it gives you material to grab hold of and easily start the zipper (even with gloves.)  Brilliant!

The marsupial pocket is more than sizable enough to hold the day’s worth of snacks and sunscreens.

So get out there.   Sail fast.  And live life on the Edge!

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