Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Pack for a Weight Conscious Boat

Choosing the right gear isn't really a case of right or wrong, but being aware of what you choose to bring can make a difference on a sensitive boat, especially with a large crew.  Being the one who continually brings too much gear in a bag you could fit in, we’re here to help keep your weight conscious boat and crew happy.

Tip #1: The smaller the bag (even if it’s packed full) the better it looks as you walk down the dock

Tip #2: Pack for the conditions – check the forecast and know what you’re getting into before you leave.  No need to pack a jacket and trousers if it’s going to be sunny, warm with light breezes.

Tip #3: No one gives you grief if you’re already wearing the gear. If it’s chilly – put on a fleece before you get on the boat.

A great example for this would be the local Wednesday Night Racing here in Annapolis.  Let me show you what my normal kit is:

What I packed:

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