Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Using a Safety Cutter on a Dinghy

Having a safety cutter as part of your gear is a small investment that offers a lot of peace of mind.  We’re looking at both the Spinlock "S" Cutter Safety Knife and the Gill Harness Rescue Tool.  

The Spinlock "S" Cutter Safety Knife comes in a small pouch that can be Velcro attached in a variety of places and can be relocated anytime.  It has a lanyard that attaches to the pouch so you won’t lose it if dropped.  It offers a very instinctual design when grabbing it to use.

The Gill Harness Rescue Tool is similar in design and comes with a lanyard that can be attached to any part of your gear as well as a “belt loop” sheath.  This sheath is made to stay where you put it for the time being.  The Gill Harness Rescue Tool also sports a shackle key which is always nice to have.

Lets take a look at their application for dinghies:

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