Wednesday, July 2, 2014

APS Sail Repair Kit: What is everything used for?

The APS Sail Repair Kit is the culmination of years of experience with on the water sail repair needs.  Whether you are cruising, windward/leeward racing or offshore headed to Bermuda, this kit has the tools you need for all your minor tears or repairs to keep you on the water.
It has: 
Sail repair tapes for all your needs [Mylar, Dacron, Nylon(spinnakers)]
Polyester Tubular webbing for extra lashing and sail ties
Hand sewing kit to fix batten pockets, leechline pockets and cleats, sail corner reinforcement, webbing replacement(palm, needles, waxed thread seam ripper, awls)
Mini spools for lashing, replacement leech and foot chord, bow life line netting.

Exactly What's Included?
  • Sailmaker's Palm
  • Sailmaker's Needles
  • Stainless Steel Shears
  • Sailmaker's Awl
  • Seam Ripper
  • Dacron Repair Tape Roll
  • Spinnaker Repair Tape Roll
  • PSP Mylar Repair Tape Roll
  • Wax Thread Spool
  • Polyester Webbing
  • Fast Tale Tell Tales
  • Marlow Mini Spool
  • Floating Utility Locker Case 
Watch the video to see what each is used for: 

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